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A parallel resolution theorem prover, called Parthenon, that handles first-order logic is described. Parthenon is apparently the first general-purpose theorem prover to be developed for a multiprocessor. The system is based on a modification of D.H.D. Warren's SRI model (Int. Symp. on Logic Prog., pp.92-101, 1987) for OR-parallelism and implements a variant of D.W. Loveland's (J. ACM, vol.15, pp.236-51, 1968) model elimination procedure. It has been evaluated on various shared memory multiprocessors, including a 16-processor Encore Multimax. The authors have found that typical theorem-proving problems exhibit a great deal of potential parallelism. Parthenon has been able to exploit much of this parallelism, producing both impressive absolute run times and near-linear speed-up curves