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Model checking is the process of verifying whether a model of a concurrent system satisfies a specified temporal property. Symbolic algorithms based on Binary Decision Diagrams (BDDs) have significantly increased the size of the models that can be verified. The main problem in symbolic model checking is the image computation problem, i.e., efficiently computing the successors or predecessors of a set of states. This paper is an in-depth study of the image computation problem. We analyze and evaluate several new heuristics, metrics, and algorithms for this problem. The algorithms use combinatorial optimization techniques such as hill climbing, simulated annealing, and ordering by recursive partitioning to obtain better results than was previously the case. Theoretical analysis and systematic experimentation are used to evaluate the algorithms.





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T. Margaria and T. Melham (Eds.): CHARME 2001., LNCS 2144, 293-309.