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The COSMOS simulator provides fast and accurate switch-level modeling of MOS digital circuits. It attains high performance by preprocessing the transistor network into a functionally equivalent Boolean representation. This description, produced by the symbolic analyzer ANAMOS, captures all aspects of switch-level networks including bidirectional transistors, stored charge, different signal strengths, and indeterminate (X) logic values. The LGCC program translates the Boolean representation into a set of machine language evaluation procedures and initialized data structures. These procedures and data structures are compiled along with code implementing the simulation kernel and user interface to produce the simulation program. The simulation program runs an order of magnitude faster than our previous simulator MOSSIM II.





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Proceedings of the 24th ACM/IEEE Design Automation Conference (Miami Beach, Florida, United States, June 28 - July 01, 1987). A. O'Neill and D. Thomas, Eds. DAC '87, 9-16.