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Predicate abstraction is a useful form of abstraction for the verification of transition systems with large or infinite state spaces. One of the main bottlenecks of this approach is the extremely large number of decision procedures calls that are required to construct the abstract state space. In this paper we propose the use of a symbolic decision procedure and its application for predicate abstraction. The advantage of the approach is that it reduces the number of calls to the decision procedure exponentially and also provides for reducing the re-computations inherent in the current approaches. We provide two implementations of the symbolic decision procedure: one based on BDDs which leverages the current advances in early quantification algorithms, and the other based on SAT-solvers. We also demonstrate our approach with quantified predicates for verifying parameterized systems. We illustrate the effectiveness of this approach on benchmarks from the verification of microprocessors, communication protocols, parameterized systems, and Microsoft Windows device drivers.





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W.A. Hunt, Jr. and F. Somenzi (Eds.): CAV 2003, LNCS 2725, 141-153.