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In this paper, we present the logic of Counter Arithmetic with Lambda Expressions and Uninterpreted Functions (CLU). CLU generalizes the logic of equality with uninterpreted functions (EUF) with constrained lambda expressions, ordering, and successor and predecessor functions. In addition to modeling pipelined processors that EUF has proved useful for, CLU can be used to model many infinite-state systems including those with infinite memories, finite and infinite queues including lossy channels, and networks of identical processes. Even with this richer expressive power, the validity of a CLU formula can be efficiently decided by translating it to a propositional formula, and then using Boolean methods to check validity. We give theoretical and empirical evidence for the efficiency of our decision procedure. We also describe verification techniques that we have used on a variety of systems, including an out-of-order execution unit and the load-store unit of an industrial microprocessor.