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Abstract: "This report documents DARPA-supported supercomputer research in Carnegie Mellon University's Computer Science Department during the period 15 November 1983 through 30 September 1987, extended to 31 May 1988. Each chapter discusses one of four major research areas. Sections within each chapter present the area's general context, the specific problems addressed, our contributions and their significance, and an annotated bibliography. The research areas and their main objectives are: [1] SuperComputer Workbench [SCW]: Develop a multiprocessor operating system, programming environment, and instrumentation environment to support multiprocessor computing research ; [2] Systolic Array Machine [SAM]: Develop a powerful computational engine using systolic architectures and interconnections tailored to specific tasks ; [3] Production System Machine [PSM]: Explore the use of parallel architectures for production systems and develop a machine especially for production systems ; [4] Command Action Team [CAT]: Continue work on a knowledge-based expert system designed to assess and monitor threats to a carrier group."