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We address nonconvex mixed-integer bilinear problems where the main challenge is the computation of a tight upper bound for the objective function to be maximized. This can be obtained by using the recently developed concept of multiparametric disaggregation following the solution of a mixed-integer linear relaxation of the bilinear problem. Besides showing that it can provide tighter bounds than a commercial global optimization solver within a given computational time, we propose to also take advantage of the relaxed formulation for contracting the variables domain and further reduce the optimality gap. Through the solution of a real-life case study from a hydroelectric power system, we show that this can be an efficient approach depending on the problem size. The relaxed formulation from multiparametric formulation is provided for a generic numeric representation system featuring a base between 2 (binary) and 10 (decimal).





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Journal of Global Optimization, 59, 2-3, 277-306.