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Abstract: "This paper considers the solution of systems of equations that are expressed by the two sets of equations: a global rectangular system of equations involving more variables than equations, and a set of conditional equations that are expressed as disjunctions. The set of disjunctions are given by equations and inequalities, where the latter define the domain of validity of the equations. In this way the solution of such a system is defined by variables x satisfying the rectangular equations, and exactly one set of equations for each of the disjunctions. This paper focuses mainly in the solution of systems of linear disjunctive equations. Using a convex hull representation of the disjunctions, the disjunctive system of equations is converted into an MILP problem. A sufficient condition is presented under which the model is shown to be solvable as an LP problem. The extension of the proposed method to nonlinear disjunctive equations is also discussed. The application of the proposed algorithms are illustrated with several examples."