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Abstract: "Design by decomposition is a common approach to complex design problems. Ideally, decomposition results in loosely coupled subsystems and a reduction of the complexity of the overall problem. Design by decomposition also involves recomposition when the subproblem solutions are combined to form a larger system. An experienced designer is able to recognize appropriate decompositions as well as the implications of recomposition better than a novice designer, implying that the knowledge based expert system techniques may facilitate the representation of this knowledge within a computer program. EDESYN is an expert system shell that facilitates the development of a design expert system incorporating the design by decomposition strategy.The experienced designer builds a knowledge base that includes both decomposition and recomposition knowledge. The decomposition knowledge includes a hierarchy of subsystems and planning rules to adapt the hierarchy for a specific problem. The recomposition knowledge includes constraints on the composition of subsystems. Two structural design expert systems have been developed using EDESYN: STRYPES and STANLAY. STRYPES synthesizes alternative structural configurations for a given high rise building using subsystems such as frames, walls, slabs, and grids. STANLAY generates alternative layouts for the structural system in a given floor plan and approximates the load and size specifications for the components of the system."